About Us

Patriot Sofas was founded 10yrs ago by myself Edward Lott. At the time I was a full time driver with small children to support. As a way of making some extra money I used to sell some sofas and beds at weekends. I would make a bit of money now and again, but I was getting a few complaints about some of the Sofas I’d sold just a few months later. As time went on I realised the sofa problems continued. The sofas looked ok on the outside, but the problems were always about the quality on the inside of the sofas. After a couple more complaints I realised it was an ongoing problem so I stopped selling other peoples sofas.

After a couple of months of research I had a couple meetings with a few professional upholsterers and I realised more about cost cutting on people’s sofas. I was shocked with some of the stories I was hearing. Stories how some maker’s use cheap timbers to save money, use inferior foam seating to save money, use cheap webbing with big spaces etc etc.  All done purely to save money on making sofas. 

I decided to set up a sofa company that not only makes a good looking Sofas on the outside, but also makes a great quality sofa on the inside. That’s why all Patriot Sofas sofa sets come with guaranteed foam seats and heavy duty timber frames fitted as standard, all our top grade webbing is double crossed to give maximum support to all shapes and sizes.

Our Gurantee To You

All Patriot Sofas are the best value ’price for quality’ you can buy.

Why Buy from Patriot Sofas Ltd

We promise to deliver a sofa that is as well built on the inside as good as it looks on the outside.

We started Patriot Sofas because we wanted to give honest good quality sofas to our customers who realise that their hard earned money has been spent on a product that does exactly what it says on the tin.

All Patriot Sofas can be made in any colours and a choice of fabrics.

All our sofas are fully custom made from scratch
Which means we can offer you to have it made however you like
Literally Any Shape  - Any Size - Any Colour
Diamantes - Buttons - Scatter Cushions -Fitted Cushions the possibilities are endless.